Reliable connections.
Best cars.

AUTOMOTIVE. HENN on the road.

What distinguishes our connections: Because of them, neither the car nor the assembly line stands still. Automation components for automotive production must be reliable and robust. The most important process media are compressed air and coolant, which supply the assembly, welding and painting robots without interruption.


We enable the fastest assembly times. Be it ICE, hybrid, electric or hydrogen vehicles. Our connectors for automobiles are fail-safe, easy to handle, tamper-proof and traceable.

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High Power Charging needs cool cables. Our special connectors and seals ensure safe, fast refueling at charging stations. The main problem: low temperatures cause hoses to shrink, leading to leaks. Our solution: systems that withstand temperatures down to -40°C.

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Painting applications require connection systems without dead space. Paint or varnish residues in corners, edge areas or angles lead to failures, problems and hinder the media flow. Even minimal mixing with the previous color causes distortions or irregular surfaces in the subsequent painting process. HENN promises: Paint where it belongs. Paint as it should be.

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Our products also work in Hydrogen-Fuel-Cell-Vehicles in the air, water and hydrogen circuit.


Our injection molded parts function with pinpoint accuracy when you need them. When used for belts and airbags, they guarantee maximum driving safety.

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