HENNgineered Mönchweiler GmbH & Co. KG, formerly VMR GmbH & Co. KG, is based in the Black Forest. Prototypes and small series made of plastic and metal are manufactured here.

With the processes of 3D printing in plastic and metal, milling, injection molding, vacuum casting and in-house tool making, this location is particularly broadly positioned. Around 60 employees ensure the highest quality components and the best advice.

3D printer metal: 5 selective laser melting

3D printer plastic: 2

Vacuum casting machines: 7, up to 1,000mm length

CNC machining: 16 including 5-axis systems with automation

Tool making: 3 die-sinking EDM centers, 2 wire EDM machines

Plastic injection molding: 8 Arburg all-rounders with up to 2500 kN locking force

Quality assurance: Zeiss Comet 3D scan, 2 Zeiss measuring systems for tactile measurement, roughness depth measuring device, various optical measuring devices

Other systems: laser welding, surface grinding, glass bead and sand blasting, ColdJet dry ice blasting, ultrasonic cleaning, micro-troweling, sawing


Site management:

Rolf Kirschmann
+49 7721 9530 0 | +49 174 1819288

Special projects and investement purchasing

Tobias Hauser
+49 7721 9530 35 | +49 172 1692824


Maren Steinberg
+49 7721 9530 38

Location data:

HENNgineered Mönchweiler GmbH & Co. KG
Waldstrasse 31 | 78087 Mönchweiler | Germany

+49 7721 9530 0

Christina Müller | Christoph Jandl
HRA 602246 | Freiburg
VAT ID number: DE142988863

Plastic injection molding:

60 machines 25 to 550 tons
conditioning system
Assembly & packaging automation
Special process: internal gas pressure, 2-component, overmolding

Site management:

Andreas Schwarz (interim)


Maren Kopp
+49 36459 497 50

Location data:

HENNgineered GmbH
Waldecker Str. 10 | 99444 Blankenhain | Germany

+49 36459 497 0

Christina Müller | Christoph Jandl
HRB 503307 | Jena
VAT ID number: DE262995788


HENNgineered GmbH, formerly TKW Molding GmbH, is based in Thuringia, near Weimar. On an area of 12,000m², the focus is on plastic injection molding and tool making.

Plastic injection molded parts are manufactured here on fully automated systems. The site’s key products are belt safety parts, airbags, steering wheels, connecting elements for liquids and gases as well as visible parts in the consumer sector. Around 100 employees ensure professional processes.


HENNgineered Heinsdorfergrund GmbH, formerly UFT Production GmbH, is based in the Vogtlandkreis in Saxony. Precision deep-drawn parts and assemblies for the automotive and electrical industries are manufactured here.

Over 50 million high-quality deep-drawn parts made of thin sheet metal, stainless steel, aluminum, pre-coated sheet metal and non-ferrous metals are produced here every year. Around 5,000 tonnes of strip steel are processed. From development to assembly, around 110 employees ensure the production of complex deep-drawn parts and assemblies.

The company has submitted to the opinions of its employees in the internationally proven certification process and is certified by Great Place to Work® for its perceived employer attractiveness.

Tool making with machining processes: 5

Prototype presses: 2

Deep drawing presses: 10 from 63t to 300t (630kN – 3,000kN)

Site management:

Matthias Wissel
+49 3765 798-334 | +49 174 7226-890


Katrin Weidlich
+49 03765 798 101


Olaf Weigel
+49 03765 798 156

Location data:

HENNgineered Heinsdorfergrund GmbH
Reichenbacher Straße 140 | 08468 Heinsdorfergrund | Germany

+49 3765 798 100

Christina Müller | Christoph Jandl
HRB 27907 | Chemnitz
USt-IdNr.: DE813159404

Plastic injection molding: 14

Assembly and hot plate welding: 10

Laser marking

ISO 9001:2015

ISO 14001:2011

IATF 16949:2016

Site management:

Rico Jiang
+86 15800572739

Location data:

HENNgineered Plastics Suzhou Co., Ltd.
Suite C, Building 2, Taicang Green Industrial Park,
No. 98 Hubin Road, Shuangfeng Town,
215400 Taicang, Jiangsu Province,

Taicang location

HENNgineered Plastics Suzhou Co., Ltd., formerly TKW Plastics Suzhou Co., Ltd., is based in the Shuangfeng Industry Park in Taicang in Jiangsur Province. The modern production site with 4,000m² ensures short delivery routes even within China.

Plastic injection molded parts are manufactured here on fully automated systems. Key products are brake fluid, oil and cleaning containers as well as visible parts in the consumer sector. Plastic-related assembly with functional tests is also part of the offer. Around 60 employees ensure tailor-made solutions and the continuous pursuit of excellence.