High Power Charging needs cool cables. Our special connectors and seals ensure safe, fast refueling at charging stations. The main problem: low temperatures cause hoses to shrink, leading to leaks. Our solution: systems that withstand temperatures down to -40°C.

LIQUIDLINE Series 2600

High-quality brass connections for closed and open cooling water applications. They are resistant to higher temperatures, aggressive aqueous media and many other substances. The full nominal size inside the fitting ensures high flow rates.

  • Temperature: -20 to + 120 °C
  • Working pressure: – 0,95 to 16 bar
  • Media: cooling water, air, vacuum
  • Material: dezincification-resistant brass
  • Small, compact, user-friendly, full flow rate, flow optimised

INOXILINE Series 3800

This stainless-steel fitting for low joint connections is corrosion resistant and easy to flush for minimal residue in the piping system.

  • Temperature 0 to + 80 °C
  • Working pressure: 0,95 to + 25 bar
  • Media: air, vacuum and liquids, other media on request
  • Material: stainless steel 1.4404
  • Small, compact, easy to clean, sterilizable, stainless, acid resistant, fast media change possible, full hose passage