Worldwide connections.
High responsibility.


For us, connection also means commitment. To the earth, the climate, future generations, our employees, our customers and our stakeholders. That is why the subjects of environment, sustainability and climate neutrality have the highest priority in the management, core and support processes at the HENN CONNECTOR GROUP.


100% commitment

For the realization of quality & environmental requirements HENN CONNECTOR GROUP lives an integrated management system according to ISO 9001, IATF 16949 and ISO 14001, compliance with which is binding for all employees.


Furthermore we are capable to develop, produce and validate or products for aerospace according to RTCA DO-160G.

0% emission

We are committed to protecting the environment, reducing environmental impact and complying with legal and regulatory obligations. Our corporate goal by 2030: Zero Emission.

Our near-term decarbonization measures: switching to 100% green energy and sustainable heat recovery. The expansion of an e-infrastructure with e-vehicles and the common environmentally friendly power units. E-car sharing, the possibility to use e-bikes and the optimization of public transport connections.

Last but not least, our connectivity solutions enable emission-free mobility.