Painting applications require connection systems without dead space. Paint or varnish residues in corners, edge areas or angles lead to failures, problems and hinder the media flow. Even minimal mixing with the previous color causes distortions or irregular surfaces in the subsequent painting process. HENN promises: Paint where it belongs. Paint as it should be.


The push-in fittings are manufactured in high material quality from corrosion-free and acid-resistant stainless steel. They are made entirely of solid material, can be cleaned almost completely and are excellently suited for use in process engineering. The INOXILINE includes push-in fittings with one or two seals, screw fittings and accessories.

Series 1600

The push-in fittings with patented low dead space sealing and full nominal size meet maximum requirements for hose retention force and are suitable for almost all media.

  • Temperature: 0 to + 80 °C
  • Working pressure: 0 to + 25 bar
  • Media: air and liquids, other media on request
  • Material: stainless steel 1.4301/1.4307
  • Small, compact, easy to clean, sterilizable, stainless, acid resistant. Quick media change possible, full hose passage