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Best prototypes.


We are experts in the rapid production of prototypes. Whether parts are 3D printed, vacuum cast or polyamide cast, you need to look closely at these assemblies to see a difference between sample part and series.


We use selective laser melting (SLM) to print prototypes and individual parts from a wide range of alloys. They can be produced in as little as 3-4 working days without any preparation time. This type of additive manufacturing not only saves time, but also costs compared to the conventional method.


With its variety of processes, 3D printing with plastic is suitable for almost all requests. The application areas of our different methods range from prototypes and individual parts to master models for vacuum casting and models with high demands.


If you are looking for strength, you will find it in polyamide casting. The high-quality parts can be coloured and provided with a fire protection finish to be even closer to series production. Our PA parts can even be used to make highly functional prototypes with cast-on bearing bushes, threaded bushes or torque sleeves.


For the really fine things: vacuum casting. After all, this technique is perfect for creating high-gloss surfaces and fine structures. With our comprehensive range of materials made of polyurethane, polyamide and silicone, almost any prototype can be produced in no time.


Our CNC milling machines – coupled with our expertise – ensure that we can also implement small and medium-sized series economically and manufacture components with pinpoint accuracy in certified quality.