Various connections.
Perfectly made.


Our customers want to easily, safely and reproducibly connect two or more parts permanently or non-permanently and transport a solid, liquid or gaseous medium without leakage. We act quickly and sustainably meet and exceed these requirements with our “piece-of-mind-system”. How do we succeed? Every part in our product selection is manufactured with the highest precision using state-of-the-art processes.

Metal Deep Drawing.

In this sheet metal forming process, a sheet metal blank is formed by the mechanical action of punching radially into a forming tool.

Advantages: Low material usage. Low waste. Short cycle time. High strength. Cost-efficient production

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Precision turning and milling.

In CNC turning, the basic material is supplied in bar form and automatically fed into the milling or turning area. There it is held in a chuck and rotates around its own axis while the tool (for example, a turning tool), traces the contour to be produced on the workpiece.

Advantages: Flexible batch size. Wide variety of materials.

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Plastic injection molding.

Plastics are cast in molds. It is used for the production of precision parts. The fast process is very economical for medium to high volumes.

Advantages: Low material usage. Low waste. Cost-efficient production.

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Plastic & Metal 3D Printing.

An efficient process for the production of components with different geometries and complexity that cannot be easily manufactured using conventional manufacturing processes. Thus, we offer fast solution in pre-production.

Advantages: Ideal for all types of rapid prototyping. As a substitute for injection molded plastic parts. Small batch production.

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Integrative Product Development

The combination of a wide variety of production types and materials enables the construction of unprecedented products that fit individual requirements. This is because the holistic view of components and assembly groups throughout the entire process – from planning to completion – allows available resources and technologies to be optimally used in an outcome-oriented manner.

Advantages: Innovation. Less use of time. Low material input. Cost-efficient production. Possibility of rapid prototype modification.

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Bionics & Topology Optimization

What do dragonflies, sharks and lotus leaves have in common? Their unique properties make them role models for solving technical challenges. With the help of topology optimisation, we create parts that fit your requirements. Whether stiffer, lighter or more functional: take your pick.

Advantages: High modifiability and individuality, such as higher stiffness, with lower weight, higher functionality, low costs, higher safety, low wear and low failure rate.

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Metal. Plastics. Elastomers. Thermoset. Thermoplastic.

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Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) and Finite Elemente Method (FEM).

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In our innovator community, more than 20 inventors are developing the connections of the future. Our portfolio now includes 70 patent families, more than 174 granted patents and 123 pending applications in 16 different countries.

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Audits (ISO 9001 and 14001, IATF, VDA 6.3)
Claim Management A3, 8D, 5W, Ishikawa
Measuring Technology

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